Release notes

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Latest Version



  • Added –ws flag to use websockets to connect instead of ssh. (Use in combination with –no-ssl to create an unencrypted tunnel).

  • Improved help messages.

  • adding the hostname to the ssh keys when creating new keys.

  • added “rm” command to remove sessions from the local database.

  • “register”, “restartsessions”, “link” are now also valid commands

  • Added an improved windows service.

  • Smaller binaries by removing debug flags from compilation.

  • Using static linking to improve portability.


  • Fixed “(no such table: sessions)” error

  • Flagging sessions as automatically restarted when they are started from “restart-sessions”

  • Fixed database issues.


  • Upgraded to golang version 1.21.5

  • Also releasing the raw binaries

  • The armv7 binary have been tested on an openwrt router.

Previous Versions


  • Adding –exit-on-failure-timeout flag (Specify in seconds if you want the app to exit if it cannot properly connect. (default -1))

  • Code refactoring


  • Fixed issue with restarting sessions from a non-root user.

  • Creating the /etc/openport/users.conf file at installation.


  • Checking that both .ssh/id_rsa and .ssh/ exist before using them

  • Bugfix: server port was not reused after closing the app with ctrl-c


  • Rewritten client in Go

  • Updated commands: “openport –list” is now “openport list” Same for forward, list, kill, kill-all, register-key, version and help.

  • Fixed issue with hanging clients (added timeout on http requests)

  • Improved speed, size and memory consumption

  • Terminology: replaced “share” with “session”


  • Fixed ssl issue in ubuntu

  • Python3 compatibility

  • Dependency upgrades

  • Added –keep-alive flag to modify the interval in between the keep-alive messages


  • Added –daemonize flag

  • Fixed issue with saving session without an internet connection

  • Added open-for-ip link in –list output


  • Moved openport to it’s own package, so it can be installed as a regular python package.


  • added –name to –register-key


  • Added a Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • ip-link-protection can be switched on and off from the command line

  • You can now create [forward tunnels](/wiki/recipes/create_a_forward_tunnel/)

  • Many bugfixes

  • Removed the manager

  • Only one forward per port

  • Can handle encrypted keys

  • 64 bit version for ubuntu

  • Better warnings and messages

  • Better signal handling

  • Show extra information with –list –verbose


  • IP Link Protection

  • Brute force protection

  • Various bug fixes

  • Cleaner output


  • Port forwarding

  • Http forwarding

  • Restart on reboot