Automating the installation

In this guide, replace the xxxxxxxxx by the token you see at the bottom of this page: [](


You can start the installer with the “/S” flag to do a silent installation:

openport_installer.exe /S

Then you can register your key:

openport register-key --token=xxxxxxxxx --name="unique name"

Start your share:

openport --restart-on-reboot 8000



Install the .deb like you are used to:

sudo dpkg -i openport.deb

Register the key:

openport register-key --token=xxxxxxxxx --name=$HOSTNAME

Or you can use the MAC address:

mac_address=$(ifconfig eth0 | grep -o -E '([[:xdigit:]]{1,2}:){5}[[:xdigit:]]{1,2}')
openport register-key --token=xxxxxxxxx --name=$mac_address

Start your share:

openport 22 --restart-on-reboot